O’Dwyer’s has joined forces with Doug Simon, CEO and founder of D S Simon Media, on a series of video interviews to provide an up-close look at the insights and opinions of some of the most innovative and original figures in the PR field. This week features BCW global president Jim Joseph and Edelman chief operating officer Lisa Ross.

Simon talks with Joseph about how communicators should retool their strategies in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Joseph outlines the steps that brands and businesses must take to reach audiences at a time when “everything is sort of being turned upside down.”

Simon and Joseph discuss how the ideas laid out in Joseph’s just-released “The Conscious Marketer” apply not only to coronavirus-era communications, but can help PR and marketing pros navigate a world in which “change is probably a daily constant.”

The increasing importance of staying ahead of the curve on the social and political issues that matter most to consumers is also examined in their conversation.

The following interview with Ross, who also serves as President of Edelman, DC, goes into the challenges of maintaining an organization’s diversity in the midst of the pandemic, as regards both its workforce and the messages it delivers to customers.

Ross also tells Simon that she wants “to be measured by three things when this is all over”—was Edelman there for its clients, did it provide a supportive atmosphere for its employees and did it make a contribution to the community.

Also discussed is how the PR industry can capitalize on the increasing willingness of broadcasters to interview brand spokespeople.

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