Donald Trump

President Trump has called Minneapolis protestors who were exercising their Constitutional rights "thugs," threatened military intervention and predicting looting could lead to shooting, all in the name of solidifying support among his ardent political base and boost his diminishing chance of re-election.

It's Trump's most desperate move yet to divert attention from his dismal record, which features more than 100K dead Americans because he waited two months before taking the threat from COVID-19 seriously.

That delay triggered a near economic collapse. The public health emergency forced the country into lockdown, wiping out the jobs of 40M Americans and dealing a body blow to US leadership on the world's stage.

Trump, who delayed action on COVID-19, may now be reopening the economy too soon, which could trigger a second wave of the virus.

His ineptitude has rallied US adversaries such as China, which has reneged on its promise to allow Hong Kong to operate somewhat autonomously from the Mainland.

Twitter moved against Trump's thugs tweet, attempting to hide it and preventing others from sharing it. The president vows retaliation. Meanwhile, Americans, who suffer from economic injustice and racial discrimination, riot in the streets.

This is a perilous time for the US. The tweeter-in-chief seems to be losing his grip on things as it becomes clear to millions of Americans that his presidency is a failure.

The election is six months away, which gives Trump plenty of time to do more mischief.

Americans must remain alert and stand together. More important, Republicans need to put country over party and keep Trump in check.