Dana Rohrabacher
Dana Rohrbacher

Former California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has signed on to represent the DC interests of Linear Therapies, a Virginia-based biotech company that is working on a cure for COVID-19.

The conservative Republican and avid surfer represented Orange County, CA, for 15 terms until the 2018 Democratic Blue Wave swept him Congress.

The Washington Post profiled Rohrabacher as the "voice of foreign autocrats" and Vladimir Putin's best friend in Congress.

Famously, Rohrabacher arm-wrestled Putin, while he was deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, at a DC bar during the 1990s.

The ex-Congressman, who began his career as a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, moved to York, ME, earlier this year to focus on screenwriting.

He selected the Pine Tree State as his home due to its “much more traditional lifestyle with its colonial/patriot culture,” according to the Portland Press Herald.