Mark Read
Mark Read

WPP today announced a $30M three-year program to combat racism and to invest in Black and minority ethnic talent. The money will flow to external organizations and internal inclusion programs.

CEO Mark Read promised that WPP will also support each of the 12 goals of the "Call for Change" program developed by more than 1,200 Black advertising professionals.

They include investing in career paths of Black employees, bolstering their representation in senior management, measuring progress, supporting wage equity plans for people of color and launching mandatory anti-racism training for executives and HR employees.

WPP also will only participate in industry events or panels where people of color are represented.

"This is the moment to embrace change, and to use our creativity, our scale and our influence to make a difference in the fight against racism," said Read. "WPP must support and elevate Black employees, and those from other under-represented groups, not as a diversity and inclusion initiative but as a business and moral imperative.”