Steve Wymer
Steve Wymer

Former eBay chief communications officer Steve Wymer is said to be one of six former employees of the company mentioned in a federal indictment surrounding the cyberstalking of a couple who published negative stories about eBay in their e-commerce newsletter, according to a Blooomberg report.

Devin Wenig, eBay’s former president and CEO, is also alleged to be one of those mentioned in the indictment.

Neither Wymer nor Wenig has been charged with a crime, although eBay’s former senior director of safety and security James Baugh and former director of global resiliency David Harville were arrested on June 15.

A statement from eBay said that all six employees mentioned in the indictment were fired last year.

The negative stories about eBay tincluded one that mentioned Wenig’s compensation.

The actions against the Massachusetts couple that ran the newsletter are alleged to include sending them live cockroaches, a bloody-pig Halloween mask and a book on how to survive the death of a spouse.

The indictment claims that Wymer sent a text to Wenig in April 2019 saying “we are going to crush this lady.”

Wymer’s LinkedIn page says that he is currently serving as a board member and finance committee chair at Team San Jose, an economic development organization.