Marino has added True Terpenes and Jenny’s Baked At Home to its portfolio of cannabis and CBD accounts. The agency has been tasked with developing and executing a communications strategy to help build and establish the brands among key target audiences. True Terpenes creates, researches, and sells terpene blends (organic compounds that give each flower, herb, and fruit its own unique scent and flavor) used for cannabis, beverage, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical products. Jenny’s Baked at Home is a Brooklyn-based company producing organic, full-spectrum CBD foods and skin products. “The cannabis sector continues to be a rapidly expanding industry that we are excited to grow alongside,” said Marino senior vice president Jordan Isenstadt, who runs the agency’s cannabis practice.


Brainbox Immersive Marketing is working with the U.S. Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion to support the Army’s National Hiring Days initiative. As part of the Army’s “Find Your Warrior” campaign, BBIM has developed a social media-based quiz for potential Army candidates and, based on their answers, calculate the position that best suits them. Users can then share their results with friends on social media. Qualified applicants are eligible for a $2,000 bonus for joining during Army National Hiring Days. The quiz, which has launched on Facebook and Instagram, and continues through July 2, can be accessed by clicking here. U.S. Army recruiters have focused heavily on virtual communications since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chapter 2 is now representing Josh Kesselman and lifestyle brand RAW. The agency will be handling media and partnership opportunities for the client. Founded by Kesselman in 1993, RAW produces a line of vegan rolling papers, as well as pre-rolled filter tips, and other accessories. The company says its papers do not alter the flavor of whatever is being smoked—tobacco, legal herbs or marijuana. RAW, which has offices in the U.S., Asia, Canada and Europe, sells its products in convenience stores, smoke shops and cannabis dispensaries. Kesselman has also started up the RAW Foundation, which has supported such projects as digging wells in Sub-Saharan Africa, building orphanages in South East Asia, and fostering tree and water preservation initiatives across North America.