Brunswick Group and ICR handle Lululemon Athletica’s $500M deal to buy MIRROR, home fitness company that features live and on-demand classes.

Calvin McDonald, CEO of Lululemon, maker of athletic apparel, said the acquisition is part of the plan to position the company as the “experiential brand that ignites a community of people living the sweatlife.”

Lululemon invested in MIRROR in 2019 and formed a content partnership, which had Lululemon "ambassadors" offering sweat and meditation classes to MIRROR customers.

MIRROR will operate as a standalone company within Lululemon and continue to be led by its founder/CEO Brynn Putnam, a one-time Lululemon ambassador.

Brunswick Group (Eleanor French) handles media for Lululemon, while ICR (Joseph Teklits and Caitlin Churchill) works for the investment community