UAE Space

FleishmanHillard is pitching the media about the space program of the United Arab Emirates, specifically its mission to Mars slated for this month.

Formed in 2014, the UAE Space Agency is responsible for developing a world-class space sector in the UAE.

The "Hope Probe," which has a 30-day "launch window" beginning on July 14, is designed to provide the most comprehensive study of the Martian atmosphere.

FH will provide outreach to US journalists and coordinate interviews/briefings with Mars mission spokespeople.

The firm's objective is to generate positive reputational impact for the UAE by highlighting the scientific advancements and commitments to technology and innovation made by the country.

When the Hope Probe enters the Martian atmosphere in 2021, the UAE will join the US, Russia, European Space Agency, China and India as explorers of the Red Planet.

FH staffers in London (Louise McHenry) and New York (Caitlin Teahan and Michael Steavenson) are working the Mars mission.

The Omnicom unit reports to Alexander McNabb, a relations & partnership consultant in the public diplomacy office at the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future.