The secret to getting earned media coverage in a changing communications landscape is the subject of this week’s “PR’s Top Pros Talk,” with Hershey’s earned media and brand publicity lead Anna Lingeris.

D S Simon Media’s Doug Simon talks with Lingeris about what consumers want to hear now, and how PR agencies can help media outlets meet those needs.

In order to provide the information that media outlets are looking for, Lingeris says, it’s necessary to keep up with what’s going on in the world, and to take into account how current events are impacting audiences. “It’s really important to stay abreast of what they need, what they care about, and where does your brand really fit in,” she tells Simon.

With many people still stuck at home, any information about home-based activities is in high demand. “Everything from the New York Times and Washington Post to PopSugar, everyone and everybody wanted to know what do you do at home,” Lingeris says.

People are also looking for a little bit of escape. Lingeris talks about how a pet-related contest to pick this year’s Cadbury Clucking Bunny provided some welcome positive news in an Easter season “when the world seemed to be down.”

But maybe the most important pointer is to present media contacts with a story, not just a pitch. “It’s not self-indulgent, it’s empathetic,” Lingeris says, “and you can show that story can resonate with America, or why people would want to see it.”

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