Peppercomm has launched Mindset.AI, an analytics dashboard designed to help brands map their customer’s emotional mindset. The firm says Minsdet.AI is the only analytics-driven tool that can identify their stakeholders’ stages in the crisis lifecycle; tap into their mindset to track emotions and engagements; and advise on what they need to hear when and where they will be most receptive to it. Mindset.AI analyzes millions of conversations drawn from thousands of sources across the internet and runs them through a natural language processing algorithm to clean, analyze and segment findings into insights that can transform a brand’s understanding of its most important stakeholders on a granular, nearly day-to-day basis. Peppercomm analysts then use the findings to inform key messaging, campaign direction, timing, and cadence for communications. “As communications teams navigate the recent chaos and uncertainty, we developed a tool that will help inform their messaging every step of the way by putting stakeholder needs and wants at the center of the conversation,” said Peppercomm senior partner and general manager, New York, Jacqueline Kolek.


AMP3 PR is hosting “CAMP3,” its annual PR boot camp, from July 27-31. Usually hosted at the agency’s New York City headquarters, this year, the camp, a crash course in best practices for fashion PR, will operate virtually. It will offer a week of complimentary real world training and guest speakers including senior Bustle senior fashion market editor Gabrielle Prescod, who will speak to the do’s and don’ts of pitching and how brands can break through in 2020; influencer & social media coach Lissette Calveiro, who will discuss the role of influencers; and fashion stylist Amanda Lim, who will discuss the role publicists play in celebrity placements. Other activities will include pitch creation, the basics of celebrity relations, social media marketing for brands, events in a post-COVID world, analytics, how to excel at a PR internship, interactive case studies, and a Q&A with the AMP3 co-founder Alyson Roy. For more information about the event and how to apply, click here.


March Communications has launched a contest that will recognize an AI innovator operating from either the Boston and Atlanta areas, where the firm is based. The winner of the 2020 Rising Star in AI award will receive PR services intended to help it increase and impact awareness, differentiation and competitive advantage. Entrants must have a minimum of Series A funding, clearly articulate the problem their technology is intended to solve, and provide a solution that solves a challenge not previously solvable or addresses an existing problem in a new and interesting way. “For years now, Boston and Atlanta have been hubs of AI innovation,” said March Communications senior vice president Juliana Allen. “One of our biggest goals with this contest is to help shine a light on these companies, awarding one with a critical boost in their awareness, particularly at a time when marketing dollars may be scarce.” All entries must be submitted by July 29 for consideration. For more information on the contest, click here.