Jim Morrell
Jim Morrell

Blueprint Communications is providing strategic PR services for Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co., which has been sanctioned by the Trump Administration for allegedly stealing US trade secrets.

Owned by the Government of the People's Republic of China, Fujian Jinhua pleaded not guilty in 2019 to charges that it swiped intellectual property from America’s Micron Technology.

The US has put Fujian Jinhua on the export control entity list, banning it from buying US components, software and technology goods.

Blueprint, which was founded by two GOP political operatives, represents Fujian Jinhua as a subcontractor for Steptoe Johnson.

Its agreement calls for defining communications objectives, identifying media contacts; collaborating with legal & advocacy teams to create narratives and relevant facts which support agreed-upon objectives, conducting media outreach, developing stories and monitoring media.

The Alexandria-based firm receives a $17,500 fee for the six-month engagement that began Feb. 18.

Blueprint’s Jim Morrell was White House spokesperson for George W. Bush and deputy chief of staff for Republican Conference chair Rep. Deborah Pryce, while Chad Kolton served as press secretary at the Office of Management & Budget, and PA director at the Office of National Intelligence in the Bush II administration.