An effective measurement and evaluation program can be a key factor in helping firms meet the challenges of a crisis such as COVID-19, AMEC global managing director Johna Burke tells Doug Simon in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview.

As leader of the international association for measurement and evaluation of communications, Burke works with PR agencies, corporations and non-profits, as well as companies that specialize in data and analysis measurement.

She says organizations that fail to take measurement and evaluation into account are likely to fall behind in the wake of what she calls the “ultimate crisis.”

One of the big reasons for that: Companies without adequate measurement and evaluation programs can’t make the changes needed to adapt to the crisis in a data-led fashion. That increases the level of risk involved in each decision.

Burke says that companies who properly use data “can make smarter cuts, they can refine and develop their programs as they need to in order to be more effective.”

She also stresses the importance of making sure that company leaders are up to date on the metrics. A firm grasp on that data, she says, makes executives come across as smarter and more insightful when they are in front of the public.

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