A new guide from Merritt Group says PR professionals need to retool their strategies if they are looking to effectively communicate the business value of 5G.

The guide predicts that 5G’s ability to support large volumes of data will lead to major growth, citing studies that say it could drive up to $12.3 trillion in revenue across a range of industries.

It stresses the importance of focusing on the technologies most closely identified with 5G, such as IoT (internet of things), big data and edge computing, which brings computation and data storage closer to the location where they are needed.

Merritt Group: The 5G Revolution No Industry Predicted
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In addition, communicators are encouraged to focus on the applications that 5G can enable across such market sectors as manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

According to the report, strategies for effectively getting the message across to audience about 5G include thought leadership, relying on analysts and expert to validate messaging, and paying close attention to any data that is gathered.