Ilham Ahmed
Ilham Ahmed

AF International has a six-month agreement to provide government affairs and media relations services to the US mission of the Syrian Democratic Council, the political wing of the Syrian Defense Forces.

The SDF has been a major US ally in the fight against ISIS, losing more than 11K of its male and female fighters in the campaign.

The SDC, which represents Arab and Kurdish political and civil society groups in north and east Syria, says its goal is to work towards a democratic country through conversations, consensus building and diplomacy.

The group condemned president Trump's Oct. 6 decision to allow Turkey to invade northeastern Syria, a move that "heralded chaos and bloodshed for our people," according to Ilham Ahmed, executive president of the SDC.

The Oct. 9 Turkish invasion, which displaced 130K Syrians, was an act of genocide against the Kurdish people, Ahmed told Congress on Oct. 23.

The subsequent "ceasefire" ironed out by the US, Turkey and Russia ceded a large portion of SDF-controlled territory to Turkish control. "Now the same fighters who defeated ISIS are being told to retreat like criminals, and being labeled 'terrorists,'" said Ahmed.