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Greg Zilberfarb
Greg Zilberfarb

During these unprecedented times, most agencies have made major shifts to employees now working remotely. Since TSN Communications’ inception over 20 years ago, our employees have always worked remotely. So, while others are trying to figure out the nuances of this new normal, we’ve had no shifts in priority, no learning curves needed to seamlessly continue to develop and execute communications plans for our clients. It’s been business as usual.

TSN’s clients represent a wide variety of industries, including alternatively fueled vehicles; propane marketing and logistics; automotive engineering; agriculture; foodservice packaging; industrial lift trucks; retail products; and financial. But many of our clients are bigger agencies — a partnership that benefits both parties* because TSN has:

  • No retainers. Instead, we work on a project basis, which gives other agencies and our clients flexibility and saves budget.
  • Minimal overhead costs. Since our team works remotely (and without brick-and-mortar costs), we keep our costs down and pass those savings to our clients.
  • Nimble structure. As a small PR and marketing agency, we’re nimble and can move quickly, helping clients get noticed immediately. Clients can modify strategy and tactics as needed to meet unexpected goals or last-minute changes to budgets.
  • Top talent. All TSN team members are highly skilled in their area of expertise, meaning clients work directly with top talent, not assistants.
  • We create a dynamic partnership with our clients where we become an extension of their teams.That also makes us the perfect complement to larger agencies that receive business requests from smaller clients.
  • The foundation of all partnerships.

Our clients talk a lot about that trust. Katey Evans, co-founder of The Frozen Farmer (seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank”), says, “TSN Communications’ unique structure gives me the most for my marketing dollar with a team of top experts that are results-driven, organized, creative and really great to work with. I trust them.”

Todd Mouw, the president of ROUSH CleanTech, credits TSN as a key partner in “helping us promote our brand as the leader in the alternative fuel space. They work hard, get results and are very cost-competitive. Our trust with them has resulted in significant growth of our sales pipeline.”

Don Manfredi, mentor in residence at the University of Michigan Office of Technology Transfer, also talks about that trust: “I have worked with the TSN team for years and they are an amazing group of talented and professional people that go the extra mile for their clients. I trust them.”

And Steve Ahrens, president and CEO of the Missouri Propane Gas Association, calls TSN a “committed, caring and trusting partner in the health and success of the companies we represent, providing professional, flexible and responsive solutions.”

Big agencies value the top talent and low cost we bring to their smaller clients and leads. We specialize in getting brands noticed by their target audiences, quickly and effectively. We prioritize strategy and key messaging to help businesses reach their goals and achieve brand consistency. We focus on market research, strategy development, press release distribution, media outreach, content creation, social media management, creative design and video production.

TSN team members communicate constantly with each other via multiple mediums, including a robust project management software system. We hire people who other team members refer, which helps to keep our dynamic culture strong and means we’ve never posted a want ad. We are located all over the nation (Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas), in addition to our headquarters in Virginia. Our staff retention has stayed consistently high, and clients are extremely loyal due to our dedication and service as an extension of their teams.

And, we respect each other, plain and simple. We honor our team above any individual. We celebrate successes together. We keep our egos in check and focus on our stated values of respect, enthusiasm, excellence, integrity, collaboration, responsiveness and kindness.

Our clients are the experts in their industry. We are experts in getting them noticed. TSN’s unique strength is in our people — and our process. In fact, TSN registered the phrase “We’re All About the Process®” because it reflects a core client value, a process-centric approach that ensures success with each project we touch.

To learn more about partnering, contact me at [email protected]. To discover more about our expertise, read case studies and meet our team and inspirations, visit TSNcommunications.com.

Here’s to trust and partnership.

*TSN provides a commission on the first six months of billable work with the leads or clients from bigger agencies.


Greg Zilberfarb is President and CEO of TSN Communications.