Dropbox chief communications officer Lin-Hua Wu talks with D S Simon Media CEO Doug Simon about the lessons she and her company have learned as Dropbox transitioned from a mainly consumer-facing company to also become a major business tool in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video.

Targeting the different audiences that use Dropbox means taking their specific needs into account, she says. “Consumers really care about ease of use,” she tells Simon, while business users are more focused on “security and control.”

But thanks to the work-at-home world made necessary by COVID-19, those two groups aren’t quite as separate as they used to be. Wu says that the changing work environment has added another facet to Dropbox’s messaging. “We want to get the point across that Dropbox can move very, very well between your home and your work life,” she notes.

One effect of the shifting boundaries between home and work is a need for companies to communicate with both customers and employees in an authentic way. Wu says that companies need to be aware of what’s happening in the outside world in order to effectively get their messaging across to stakeholders.

A key to effective, authentic commuications, she says, is to acknowledge the hot-button issues that are top-of-mind for so many people these days. Wu cites the strong support that Dropbox CEO Drew Houston has given to the Black Lives Matter as a way that the company puts its heart on its sleeve, which can lead to closer connection with both employees and consumers.

Finally, Wu talks with Simon about the master brand campaign that Dropbox has planned for this fall, and the challenges of hitting the right tone at “a serious moment in our history.”

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