Gina Rubel
Gina Rubel

Furia Rubel Communications has created a Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Anti-Racism Resource Center, part of its commitment to purposefully discuss and deepen the team’s knowledge, understanding, and commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Among the center’s offering are a listing of media resources and opportunities for involvement in anit-racism efforts, as well as a guide that exposes the origins of racist words and phrases. The agency is also keeping its operations virtual for the time being, pat of a proactive approach to ensure the safety of its employees, clients and colleagues. “While working remotely began with the COVID-19 global pandemic, our agency is even more committed to diversity and continued growth,” said agency founder and CEO Gina Rubel. “We are fully virtual, which will help us to attract a more diverse team and to serve a more internationally-diverse clientele.”

Jeff Winton, Jim Modica and Karen Winterhalter

Jeff Winton Associates, which works with clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other life sciences industries, has formed a partnership with UK-based marketing communications firm Onyx Health. The venture will solidify a joint global presence for both companies by combining JWA’s knowledge of the healthcare marketplace in the Americas, Japan and elsewhere in Asia with Onyx Health’s similar expertise in Europe and the Middle East. JWA, which was co-founded by Jeff Winton and Jim Modica, focuses on brand and reputation development and management, corporate communications, patient advocacy and public affairs. Onyx Health, led by managing director Karen Winterhalter, advises clients on creative and commercial strategies, in addition to helping them create content, connect with the media, design and build brand reputation platforms, run medical education programs and implement digital communications plans. “This partnership will allow us to share expertise and resources while growing our businesses together,” said Winton.

PR Academy

North America Women in PR is launching its Public Relations Academy, which includes a monthly PR plan, pitch templates and influence building strategy. The group says that the academy is intended to help attendees create a stand-out image online, attract a personal brand community, promote products or services, secure publication on high-profile platforms and build influence and scale. Also included in the program are monthly Q&A’s and masterclasses, online classes and a private Facebook group. The academy was created by Pink Pearl PR managing director Talia Davis, who founded the Organization of American Women in Public Relations and the Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations. The academy’s opening ceremony will be held on Sept. 30. For more information, or to enroll, click here.