Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison, one of the co-founders of Lion & Lamb Communications, has started up Rachel Harrison Communications, a full-service PR and multichannel marketing firm. Harrison will helm the New York City-based firm, which will also have representation in Los Angeles, London, Boston and Mexico City. RHC will work with clients across the travel & hospitality, wine & spirits, health & sustainability and technology sectors. It will offer a full suite of communication services, including RHC Digital, an online strategy division. RHC Digital’s capabilities will encompass social media, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, website design and development, and creative production. “During a time of great uncertainty, our agency will fill a gap for many businesses facing unprecedented challenges,” said Harrison.

HPRA Texas

The Hispanic Public Relations Association has launched HPRA Texas, its sixth formalized chapter in the nation. HPRA Texas aims to provide professional development initiatives, deepen industry partnerships, explore research opportunities and connect like-minded leaders working to create impact within the communications industry. The chapter’s 2020 executive board of directors includes APC Collective CEO Audrey Ponzio, who will serve as president; Big Oak Tree Media managing partner (vice president); and APC Collective’s Brianna Hernandez (secretary) and Jennifer Meza (treasurer). “By 2022, Texas is estimated to become a Latinx majority state,” said Ponzio. “From El Paso to Dallas and everywhere in between the HPRA Texas chapter looks forward to serving the growing number of PR professionals across Texas.” To become a member of HPRA Texas, email [email protected]. Due to COVID-19, membership fees will be waived for 2020.


RooneyPartners has developed the RP HealthCast, a public-service podcast devoted to broadcasting reliable and factual information about the coronavirus pandemic to the public. Over 20 episodes have been posted since April 21, most featuring interviews with journalists from media outlets including the New York Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Fortune, Wired, Yahoo! Finance, Fast Company, Business Insider and Barron’s. The podcast, hosted by RooneyPartners head of medical communications Jeffrey Freedman, is available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon Alexa, TuneIn, Stitcher and Google Play as well as at www.rphealthcast.com. “Giving a human voice to great journalism and journalists is our way of supporting a free press, turning a few heads and, hopefully, informing a few minds,” says RooneyPartners founder Terry Rooney.