Kristin Hooper
Kristin Hooper

BCW has launched the BCW Polycultural Consulting Unit, which will help clients understand, connect with and move diverse stakeholder audiences. The unit considers an audience’s multidimensional and sometimes fluid markers of identity, as well as highly differentiated life experiences and specific views on racial and societal issues. It is based on what the agency calls the “three key pillars of identity”—cultural heritage (including race, ethnicity, traditions and language), cultural status (which considers such factors as lifestyle, sexual orientation, education and class/income) and cultural zeitgeist (which takes factors including art, economics, fashion, pop culture and vernacular into account). Insights gained from this audience analysis will then be applied across offerings that range from research and strategy to internal and external communications programs. “Brands and organizations that overlook connecting with polycultural America now risk losing their relevance with an audience that is only going to continue to grow,” said BCW Polycultural Consulting Unit lead Kristin Hooper.


Lambert & Co. is the lead investor in the recently launched TiiCKER, Inc., an intelligent software platform that engages, verifies and rewards individual investors through integrated content, stock perks and zero-commission trading. The platform enables publicly traded companies and their brands to gain new access to the high-potential demographic hidden in their retail shareholder base. By linking dozens of online brokerages to the platform and leveraging TiiCKER’s stock trading partner, Tradier, to provide free trading, individual investors are able to view their investments and perks all in one place. “We created TiiCKER specifically to convert the 56 million retail investors in the U.S. to consumers, while transforming consumers into shareholders in the brands they love,” said Lambert CEO and TiiCKER founder Jeff Lambert.


Bolt PR has been acquired by Millwright Holdings, an independent marketing services holding company. The acquisition is intended to give Millwright new strength in consumer and lifestyle PR, communications strategy, influencer marketing, and digital marketing. Bolt founder and president Caroline Callaway will retain her position and Jo-Anne Coombes will remain vice president. Bolt, which provides brand positioning, digital and social strategy, media relations, influencer marketing and crisis communications for clients in the packaged goods, consumer technology, hospitality, fashion and beauty, finance, education, B2B services, health and fitness, and food and beverage categories. has offices in Dallas, Pittsburgh, Raleigh and Orange County, CA. “The addition of Bolt will enable us work with consumer-focused brands across a wide range of industries,” said Millwright Holding president and CEO Michael Young.