W2O has launched , which bills itself as the first-of-its-kind patient activation organization.

Hū takes aim at people’s unwillingness to participate in clinical trials, which threatens the development of new vaccines, therapeutic and medical device breakthroughs.

The willingness to take part in clinical trials has plunged from 85 percent to 49 percent during the past year, according to CenterWatch.

Hū wants to spur a new era of patient activism and engagement via the use of data, behavioral, economic and decision science to unlock drivers of human behavior, W2O’s announcement said.

“We’re at an inflection point where the consumerization of healthcare and the changes in attitude accelerated by COVID-19 demand that we take meaningful action to amplify the patient voice as a driver of R&D success," said April Lewis, executive VP and GM of Hū.

She said Hū is not bound to the way things have been done and is “free to reimagine the potential of clinical trials and bring them to life in ways that will reshape how we think about, organize and conduct them.”

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