Trump Mask

Home Depot is clearing out its Halloween decorations and stocking up on artificial Christmas trees, a sure sign that the holiday season is upon us.

It’s my yearly reminder to get cracking on Christmas shopping, which typically has caused my blood pressure to spike.

Not this year. I have Christmas covered thanks to president Trump’s epic conquest of COVID-19.

To celebrate the president’s three-day hospital stay at Walter Reed, inspiring a drive-by of his fans and triumphant helicopter ride back to the White House where he ascended to the Truman Balcony, ripped off his “loser” mask and gave a thumbs-up to grateful nation, the White House Gift Shop is issuing a limited edition “President Donald J. Trump Defeats COVID” commemorative coin.

They are priced at $100 each and ship Nov. 14 well ahead Christmas Day, so you don’t have to worry about putting something special under the your family’s Christmas tree.

Even though Trump’s sycophantic doctor Sean Conley warned that the president is “not out of the woods," on COVID-19, the tweeter-in-chief has taken Admiral Farragut’s inspirational “damn the torpedos, full speed ahead,” order to heart.

Upon his return to the White House, he tweeted: ”We’re going to be out front. As your leader, I had to do that. I knew there's danger to it, but I had to do it. I stood out front, and led.”

General Patton would have been proud.

The faint of heart may sense that the president’s dismissal of the threat posed from COVID-19 could result in some of his followers going right over the cliff and into the COVID-19 abyss, especially as a second wave of the virus spreads across Europe and hospitalizations are on the rise here.

Those worries are misplaced. The president couldn't care less about them or any of us. It’s all about him.

Christmas shoppers should pre-order that Trump defeats COVID-19 coin. It’s going to be a hot seller.

The COVID-19 victory coin would look sweet on the living room mantle right next to the commemorative medal honoring Trump’s meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Let me jog your memory on that eventful session in Finland.

Helsinki is where Trump made news by siding with the Russian strongman, rather than US intelligence agencies, about Putin’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"President Putin says it's not Russia. I don't see any reason why it would be," said Trump while genuflecting before his controller.

His sickening pandering before Putin drew a strong rebuke from Sen. John McCain who called the tete-a-tete a disgrace.

"No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant,” said the late Arizona Senator, whom Trump called a loser.

How many more Americans will we lose due to Trump’s mishandling of COVID-19 during the past eight months and his misguided “I beat COVID” nonsense?

The president had the opportunity to use his sickness to empathize with the families of the 210K Americans who died from the virus and, at the very least, urge people to social distance and wear masks.

Americans would have rallied around the president and he would have gotten a bump in the contest with Joe Biden.

He trampled all over that.

Instead, Trump took to twitter to compare COVID-19 with the seasonal flu and said America has to learn to live with the coronavirus. That’s not exactly the can-do American spirit that his nation used to be proud of.

Twitter flagged Trump's post for spreading harmful information about COVID-19.

George W. Bush used to fashion himself as a “uniter rather than a divider.” Trump is the opposite and it's tearing the country apart and killing many of us.