Donald Trump said catching COVID-19 was “a blessing from God,” albeit a "blessing in disguise."

I doubt that the Almighty is personally involved in Trump’s health, but hopefully his sickness will make believers among his political supporters that coronavirus poses a threat to us all.

Prior to Trump taking ill, Republicans had pretty much turned off the pandemic.

More than two-thirds (68 percent) of them said the US had controlled the outbreak as much as it could, according to a poll from Pew Research. Nearly nine-in-ten (88 percent) Democrats said the opposite.

Republicans also were paying less attention to media coverage of the pandemic. Nearly half (48 percent) of them were watching COVID-19 news coverage “very closely” in late March. That plunged to 26 percent in early September.

Let’s hope that Trump’s three-day stay at Walter Reed and his promotion of a “miracle cure” will rekindle Republican attention to COVID-19

That would be a blessing.

Trump’s trade war with China has cost the US 300K manufacturing jobs, according to a report by Moody’s Analytics.

While the president talks tough on China, his supporters are keeping that country’s factories humming as they churn out Trump hats, shirts, wristbands, flags and doodads.

The Financial Times reported that one manufacturer turned down orders to make Chinese flags for the week-long National Day holiday because there was more money to be made in making Trump campaign merchandise.

“We cut prices by as much possible so we won’t lose out to the thousands of other competitors who make the same product,” a factory owner told the FT.

Chinese factories sell a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap for as little as 88 cents. US retailers charge $12 and up for those hats. Isn't capitalism great?

The Trump campaign store sells Make America Great Again hats that were made-in-the-US for $25.

The Chinese factories also make Joe Biden goods, but 70 percent of their election output is for Trump.

They are going to miss him when he’s gone, though his impending electoral loss could result in a surge of Trump gear purchases for memory's sake.