Bill Huey
Bill Huey

So there might not be another presidential debate. So what?

The recent vice-presidential debate could be the last, if the President uncharacteristically sticks to his position about declining a virtual debate and instead staging another super-spreader rally where he invokes God and Regeneron as his saviors.

At the start of the VP debate, Kamala Harris looked like a lioness—eyes gleaming, ready to pounce, while Cardboard Mike looked like the goat they staked out for T-Rex’s midmorning snack in “Jurassic Park.”

Pence never got off his back foot, except to take cheap shots and to interrupt, aping his ape boss. The fly perched on his head seemed to be crying, “Help Me!” Who was his debate coach? Jim Carrey?

I detest the way both candidates wouldn’t answer direct, specific, thoughtful questions from the moderator, such as the one about presidential succession. This isn’t some hallway press gaggle, with shouted questions from the kids. It’s a moderated debate, with questions from an experienced and knowledgeable journalist. We deserve a better return on our investment of time watching these debates.

A couple of days after the debate, Typhoid Trump said the best answer his Veep gave was the one about the transfer of power. That was an answer? That was another reason why there shouldn’t be any more debates. We are extremely unlikely to hear more cogent talk about the issues this country faces, just a lot more positioning and campaign rhetoric. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson on religious belief, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg if we never see another debate.

Sign seen along a roadway: “Has anyone tried unplugging the United States and plugging it back in?" That might work better than another debate.


Bill Huey is founder and president of Strategic Communications, a corporate and marketing communication consultancy. He is the author of two novels and a new one-act play dealing with the #Me Too Movement, “The Tiger of the Flesh.”