Madrid-based LLYC is forging an alliance with Brandwatch, a digital consumer intelligence suite. LLYC will provide its perspective on Brandwatch's solutions and assist in developing its range of services. The two organizations will also implement joint lines of action regarding Big Data, with a focus on improving decision-making for their clients in communications, public affairs and marketing. Brandwatch will also power LLYC's REPLab initiative, a project that brings together 100 research groups from universities across Europe. “This new alliance marks a very positive milestone for LLYC and an important advance in our Data Driven consulting capabilities,” said LLYC founding partner and chairman Jose Antonio Llorente. “With Brandwatch, we can meet our clients’ new needs, reinforcing not only our well-established communications and public affairs expertise, but also our analytical vision based on the interpretation of the data set that digital ecosystems offer us.”

Suzanne Rosnowski
Suzanne Rosnowski

Relevance International, which specializes in the real estate, hospitality, corporate and luxury goods sectors, has launched the Purpose Method, which aims to ensure that brands’ unique values are embedded in their cause-related partnerships and initiatives. The Purpose Method begins with the proprietary Purpose Finder, a tool developed by agency CEO and founder Suzanne Rosnowski, that leverages artificial intelligence to deduce the best cause to partner with for an impactful brand alliance. The second phase involves a team of CSR strategists who impart experience and creativity to develop unique programs, creating ways to embed purpose work in the business. “Now more than ever brands are reassessing their business’ alignment with their personal core values” said Rosnowski. “Companies willing to go deeper into brand evolution will come out ahead as it makes for better workplace satisfaction, enhances customer loyalty and improves lives.”


Cision has launched a platform intended to help brands easily find the media profiles of the journalists and social influencers most relevant to them. Cision says that its new Cision aConnect will leverage the company’s database of 1.4 millilon jouralists, outlets and opportunities as well as over 1 billion social influencers to enable users to form and monitor stronger relationships with the media. Media profiles will include such information as latest social media activity, recently published articles and article reach. It will also allow brands to monitor the performance of their media relationships through such statistic as email opens, and unsubscribes.