Tom Forsythe
Tom Forsythe

Morocco’s OCP North America unit has hired Minneapolis-based CCO Communications LLC for PR support on the petition by Florida’s The Mosiac Company seeking countervailing duties on the import of phosphate fertilizers to the US.

Mosaic claims OCP’s exports to the US are unfairly subsidized by Morocco, owner of 94 percent of the company, putting the future of its mines and production facilities and jobs of 3,500 workers in Florida and Louisiana at risk.

Launched in 2016 by General Mills CCO & VP-global communications Tom Forsythe, CCO joins FleishmanHillard and Cornerstone Government Affairs on OCP’s communications team.

It will handle research, message development, media relations, stakeholder targeting/engagement and advocacy efforts.

CCO bills OCP an hourly $300 rate for up 100 hours per month. It must receive prior approval for additional hours.

The agreement runs for eight months.