GoNoodle’s Julie Crabill talks with Doug Simon about the ins and outs of being “a communications-driven chief marketing officer” in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video. The core principles of public relations, she says, are as important to CMOs as they are to chief communications officers.

“There should be a heavy focus on storytelling, on making sure that you’re engaging with your different audiences, speaking to them and finding them where they are,” Crabill tells Simon.

Taking a holistic view of marketing, she says, is necessary in a world where the silos separating disciplines are breaking down. “The more that people can knowledge share and bring different ideas to the table, the better the end result will be for the users,” she says.

That holistic way of thinking extends to communications with all stakeholders. “Whether it’s to an external audience or to your team,” Crabill says, “making sure that you’re meeting them halfway and having a conversation about what they need” is central to effectively getting your message across.

She also cites the importance of being authentic and taking the time to make sure that everyone really understands each other. Those deeper relationships are even more important when dealing with issues of equity and diversity in the workplace.

Crabill says marketers need to understand that diversity represents an opportunity for a company, not an obligation. “This is not a cost center—it’s a profit center. This is not a checkmark—it is something that will make us all stronger and better at what we do.”

As the CMO of a company that makes products for kids, she says that inclusivity and diversity are constant concerns. “How can we be more inclusive to everybody that might be interacting with our products?,” she tells Simon. “That’s my big focus right now.”

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