David Reaboi

The Government of Hungary has hired Strategic Improvisation Inc. to generate positive media coverage and combat negative press coverage of the Central European country.

David Reaboi, who calls himself a national security and political warfare consultant, heads SI, which he relocated last year from DC to Miami Beach.

Politico dubbed him “a right-wing pugilist on Twitter,” where he has more than 107K followers.

Reaboi took to the medium on Oct 19 to hit former vice president Joe Biden after he called Hungary and Poland totalitarian regimes.

Reaboi tweeted:

“Biden’s attack on Hungary is utterly stupid. Here they are, diversifying their energy supply so they’re less reliant on Russian energy. Europeans talk a lot about Putin, but line up to buy energy from him. (https://bbj.hu/inside-view/new-guest-arrives-at-hungarys-party-thanks-to-covid-lng_189861)

Hungary's right-wing leader, Viktor Orban, is a close ally of president Trump. Both are strong advocates of border security and immigration control.

SI’s agreement with Hungary’s DC embassy calls for it to engage in management of the political media and to place op-eds.

The firm will “build a network of writers and experts and use those contacts to create interview opportunities for high-level Hungarian leaders, with guaranteed five media appearances/op-ed per month."

The campaign began Sept. 25 and runs through Dec. 20. SI receives a fee of $70K for the effort.