Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

What do Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson, Betty White, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, Kirstie Alley, Antonio Sabato, Kate Hudson, Trevor Noah, Drew Barrymore, Sandra Oh, Hugh Jackman and Mark Wahlberg have in common?

They all declined to appear in Team Trump’s hairbrained $250M “don’t let COVID-19 get you down” PR effort cooked up Michael Caputo, who is on medical leave from his job as assistant secretary for PA at the Dept. of Health and Human Services, to bolster the re-election campaign of the president

Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), who chairs the House Oversight and Reform committee, released a document of various celebrities who were pitched to tout the PSA’s the "don’t worry about COVID" push. The document also includes notes on the celebs.

Snoop Dog: Critical of Donald Trump. Arrested in 1993 related to driving vehicle related to murder.

Khloe Kardashian: Christian. Arrested in 2007 for DUI, violated probation. Sued for assault in 2010. Sued for representing QuickTrim dietary supplement. Supported President Obama.

Will Ferrell: Refused to meet with president George W. Bush for political reasons.

Larry David: Publicly critical of President Trump.

Conor McGregor: Lives in Ireland. Public supporter of president Trump. Arrested for sexual assault/exposure allegations.

Pamela Anderson: Multiple sex tape scandals.

Beyonce: Has a net rating of 63 percent favorable among Democrats and -3 percent among Republicans.

James Woods: Some personal lawsuits. Publicly supports president Trump. Publicly supported some conspiracy theories on Twitter.

Kelsey Grammer: Publicly supports Republican party including president Trump. History of alcoholism and drug use. Sexual misconduct trial in 1995. Defamation lawsuit by ex-girlfriend in 1996. Sexual issue in 1998.

Sean Penn: publicly supports Democratic party. Was critical of president Bush. Publicly supports same-sex marriage, has made some controversial public comments, in speeches, interviews.

Johnny Depp: Arrested in 94 and 89 for violence and appears to be aligned with the liberal left;

Brad Pitt: Slammed GOP and Trump’s impeachment during Oscars speech.

John Legend: Has had multiple Twitter fights with Trump. Endorsed Elizabeth during her presidential candidate campaign. Cares are reforming democracy and criminal justice system.

Margaret Cho: Open Bernie and Hillary supporter. Accuses Trump and Ted Cruz of being guilty of sexism, homophobia and racism.

Russell Simmons: Accused of sexual assault by 20 women. Stated that Trump is the epitome of white supremacy.

Zach Galifianakis: Publicly raised money for pro-choice organization in Texas-the Texas Abortion Fund. Refused to host Trump on his “Between the Two Ferns” talk show.

Trump’s PR team either was waiting for a response or received a “maybe” from the above group before the entire PR boondoggle mercifully fell apart.

Fact checking is censorship, according to Utah’s Senator Mike Lee, who has criticized the tech platforms for blocking or flagging content that is either false or over-the-top.

The Republican politico obviously is a fan of David Byrne, who is among credited writers of the 1980 Talking Heads hit, “Cross-eyed and Painless.”

The song’s lyrics go like this:

Facts are simple and facts are straight
Facts are lazy and facts are late
Facts all come with points of view
Facts don't do what I want them to
Facts just twist the truth around
Facts are living turned inside out
Facts are getting the best of them
Facts are nothing on the face of things
Facts don't stain the furniture
Facts go out and slam the door
Facts are written all over your face
Facts continue to change their shape

Catchy tune, hey Mike.