Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

Lotrimin is an antifungal powder popular with athletes who want to keep their feet dry and free from itching. How could marketing and PR possibly connect that product with the current top-line news topics about the election?

Knowing that people will be laser-focused on the U.S. elections, especially the Presidential race, Lotrimin’s communications team came out with a timely tie-in that gets people thinking about their products as they head to the polls.

Both on its website and social media pages, Lotrimin is now offering several different suggestions for how voters can protect their feet while they vote. Suggestions include arriving early, bringing lots of gum, wearing comfy socks, stretching and bringing something to read or play. These ideas are paired with fun cartoons meant to grab attention, but the lynchpin of the campaign is prioritized in its marketing on social media: “Stand for what you believe in.”

By promoting this message, Lotrimin is wading into the intense and divisive political arena without picking sides. The company is promoting the basic idea that one vote is one voice and that all voices matter. Ideas like justice, peace and equality are emblazoned under the “Belief” banner, with smiling faces encouraging people to get out and get active.

While there are many ways to borrow marketing steam from the political surge in an election year, many of these are fraught with danger for the brand, as they often flirt with—or outright cross lines—of partisanship in the messaging. With this, though, Lotrimin is connecting with customers, planting seeds, without taking sides. Everyone is on board with celebrating the right to speak out and have a voice, so that’s a win for the brand.

The fact that Lotrimin came up with some fun and friendly reminders about how their products might help if you get stuck in a long line at the polls is a comfortable and unobtrusive tie-in. Another point in its favor, the brand push manages to balance the commercial presence well with honest advice. Suggestions about how to be comfortable and safe—especially where COVID is concerned—dominate the marketing. At the same time, the mentions of Lotrimin products are only oblique if they’re mentioned at all.

Perhaps the best line is the tongue-in-cheek reference to the division in the political sphere: “Long lines affect the left and the right feet.” Nothing to get aggravated about for partisans, and a very gentle nudge that, no matter what happens, we’re all connected, all in this together … and our feet are tired and could use a little TLC. That’s a message everyone can identify with.


Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR Agency.