Proof Strategies has received a monthly pay raise from Qatar as it provides additional PR duties to its DC embassy.

Qatar had been paying Proof $30K per month under a contract that went into effect May 1 and ran through yearend.

It now pays Proof a blended rate of $206 per hour, up to $71,175 per month, effective Nov. 1

The firm also will be reimbursed for advertising, media buys and related charges to third parties up to $20K a month and $2,450 a month for digital and media monitoring tools, experiential materials, wire service fees and compliance-related outlays.

Saudi Arabia, United Emirates and Egypt placed an economic and political blockade on Qatar in 2017 for its close relations with Iran and alleged ties to terror groups.

Proof’s contract precludes it from working for any other sovereign state or company owned by a government in the Middle East, North Africa region unless approved by Qatar.

That exclusivity clause runs for a year after the expiration of the Qatari relationship.