Fidelity Investments was singled out as the global asset management firm with the most effective integrated marketing and communications activities, according to a new study from Peregrine Communications.

The Global 100 2020 judged firms in such categories as brand awareness, brand momentum, media sentiment, social media and Google Page 1 rating (which Peregrine says measures how well a firm “owned” the first page of a Google search for its brand search term).

Vanguard Asset Management took second place on the list, with the top five rounded out by BlackRock, Invesco and PIMCO.

US asset managers were the top performers, accounting for five of the Top 20 spots on the list, up from three on the 2019 list.

Peregrine Global 100 Study: Firms with the strongest Google Page 1s

Despite the increasingly virtual state of communications in the COVID-19 landscape, asset managers seemed to come up short in how well they utilize such tools as social media and website management. More than a third (36 percent) of the firms on the list scored a four or less (out of a possible 10) for their social media metrics, which measured a firm’s performance across LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

There is also room for improvement when it comes to keeping visitors to an asset manager’s website engaged. The average website bounce rate, which records how many users leave a site after viewing one page, was 53 percent for the firms on the list.

The study also offers some tips for firms that want to boost their online performance. Paying more attention to the consistency, variety and quality of video content is one suggestion. For firms that use Twitter, posting videos that can be viewed directly on the platform (rather than requiring users to return to the firm’s website) is recommended.

Peregrine’s Global 100 2020 looked at the top 100 global asset management firm, determined by assets under management. To see a copy of the full report, click here.