Intrado Digital Media Survey

Virtual events and webcasts are booming in today’s work-from-home world, according to a new study from Intrado Digital Media.

Intrado’s study found a 362 percent increase in the number of client virtual events and webcasts from 2019 to 2020. The number of live unique viewers rose by 510 percent, and total registrants for virtual events jumped 268 percent. That resulted in over 1.8 billion minutes of viewing time.

The most popular day of the week for webcasts turned out to be Thursday, with 27 percent of them taking place that day. Wednesday (25 percent) and Tuesday (24 percent) were close behind, with Monday, Friday (both 11 percent) and Saturday (two percent) following.

For virtual events, Tuesday (25 percent) was the most scheduled day, and while only seven percent of events took place on weekends, they saw a steep rise from six in 2019 to 65 in 2020—a 938 percent increase.

E-mail schedule

Map out a detailed email promotion schedule before your next virtual event or webcast.

Both webcast viewers and attendees at virtual events are increasing their level of online engagement, the report finds. The number of questions asked during webcasts jumped 278 percent from 2019 to 2020, and chat messages during webcasts saw a 334 percent increase.

At virtual events, the popularity of booths rose sharply. The number of booths spiked 599 percent and the amount of visits to those booths went up by 472 percent.

Video is becoming a major presence in webcasts, used in 74 percent of them. However, the report says the quality of the video used in webcasts is key. “You’re no longer competing with the just the company in your industry,” it says, “you’re competing with the likes of Netflix!”

When speaking to any virtual audience, the study says, following a few simple rules can heighten your impact. Avoiding distracting or unprofessional clothing, making sure you have adequate lighting and headroom, and ensuring a clutter-free background are some of the tips provided. And don’t forget preparation: Intrado suggests practicing multiple times before you hit the virtual stage.

Intrado’s reports analyzed virtual events and webcasts conducted between March and September of 2019 and then compared them with those from the same period this year.

To see the full report, click here.