Glover Park Group handles PR and media outreach to Ecuador’s Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries as the South American nation takes heat for illegal fishing, largely by Chinese trawlers, in its waters which threatens endangered species and the marine ecosystem.

The WPP unit is working as a subcontractor to Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, which has a $900K advocacy and outreach contract with the Ministry and Ecuador’s DC embassy. A&P attorneys Raul Herrera and Tom Shannon are handling that push.

The Economist reported Nov. 21 that though Ecuador portrays itself as a victim of "illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing by Chinese trawlers near the Galapagos islands,” its vessels have also operated in protected areas, hauling up endangered species like sharks and sea turtles as by-catch.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has accused Ecuador’s fishing companies of violating international conservation agreements.

The EU, the No. 1 buyer of the country’s tuna, has threatened to cut off market access unless Ecuador curbs the illegal fishing activity.

Glover Park Group managing director Brett O’Brien and director Melissa Childs are working the Ecuadorean business.