The Embassy of Armenia retained Cooper Strategies through March to handle press outreach, social media and communications related to the conflict in the disputed Nagogro Karabakh region.

Azerbaijan, supported by Israeli and Turkish-made drones, launched an invasion of NK on Sept. 27 and retook the bulk of the terrority.

Russia president Vladimir Putin brokered a peace treaty this month and dispatched 2,000 troops to monitor the region.

Armenia hired Cooper to monitor western coverage of the conflict and to “advance the American understanding of the conflict and support its peaceful resolution.”

Cooper receives $6K a month for the push.

The pact is a four-month extension of the original one-month $20K agreement that expired November 30.

In September, Armenia tapped former Senator Majority Leader Bob Dole, 97, to help improve diplomatic ties with the US. His firm, Alston & Bird, may conduct outreach to Congress and the Trump administration.