Groupon chief communications officer Jennifer Beugelmans talks about the strategies that got the company through a year of unprecedented change in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview with Doug Simon.

Beugelmans says that to develop those strategies, Groupon had to take a look at what all of its stakeholders need—employees, the merchants who use the service, and the customers who buy from those merchants.

There were three basic needs that she says provided “the North Star for everything that we were doing.” First off, people need to be reassured. Next, they want to know that Groupon is “communicating with authenticity and transparency.” Finally, they want to feel that they are having “a two-way dialogue” with the company.

As a global company, making sure that the people in offices “from Chicago to Sydney to Bangalore to Paris” are all on the same page is another necessary job. She tells Simon that the right technology and the right procedures need to be employed to make sure teams have “robust ways to keep in touch.”

With a wide variety of merchant partners, Groupon has had to deal with those who are thriving in the midst of the pandemic—and with those who are struggling. “We had to make sure we were empathetic,” she tells Simon. In addition, she stresses the need to keep things positive, making sure that people understand that there is a path forward.

Looking forward, her key advice for communicators is simple: Just stay honest. Also, she encourages PR pros to provide their teams with “the updates that they need to feel safe, to feel motivated and to thrive.”

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