Mike Paffman
Mike Paffman

Virgo PR, a full-service PR, digital PR and digital firm, has been launched by Mike Paffman, who was VP at Clarity PR, 5W PR and San Francisco-based Highwire. Virgo’s initial clients include Genies, Rebel Ventures, VergeSense, JobGet, SuperPlastic, TAYLRD and The Spring League. Paffmann has extensive experience in sectors including enterprise technology, AI, cloud and data. He has worked with such clients as IBM, App Annie and leading HR tech companies. “Our goal is to create a leading PR and communications firm that works with today’s cutting-edge businesses to create global campaigns designed to enlighten audiences and attract attention,” said Paffman. “We are driven by storytelling and finding unique opportunities to help our clients achieve global brand recognition through an integrated communications strategy."


SourceCode Communications is working with media theorist Douglas Rushkoff on a new series of reports that will examine the changing nature of culture, work and society, with the goal of providing guidance for business leaders. The first Trendsights Report, Business, Economics & Work, spotlights “a shift from the decades-long focus on runaway growth towards greater sustainability and value creations,” according to SourceCode co-founder and managing partner Rebecca Honeyman. The report, which also says that 2021 will see major changes in how consumers engage with brands, explains how marketers and corporate leaders can shift their thinking to deliver against these changing priorities. SourceCode will also release reports covering meaning, culture and society; and narrative and media next year. To download the first Trendsights report, click here.


Argyle Public Relationships, one of Canada’s largest independent communications consultancies, has been elected to partnership in PROI Worldwide. Argyle has more than 100 full-time employees in cities across Canada, as well as a newly opened office in Washington, D.C. “Argyle is exactly the kind of strong, entrepreneurial communications business that makes PROI successful,” said PROI Worldwide global chair Ciro Dias Reis “They will bring new perspectives and resources to our Partners around the world.” PROI Worldwide encompasses 80 PR and communications businesses in 165 cities and 50 countries.