A 90-minute TV special saying that wheat, carbohydrates, sugar and statins should be replaced in the diet with healthy fat from grass fed beef, free range chicken and wild caught fish is airing on more than 110 PBS Stations from early December through Dec. 11.

brain changeDr. David Perlmutter, neurologist and nutritionist, author of Grain Brain: Your Brain’s Silent Killers, says the airings are a “trial run” to see how big an audience they pull.

Many major cities are on the list but no New York area stations have yet signed up for it. Also missing is Chicago.

The list of stations airing the program from Dec. 3 to Dec. 11 is at the end of this story.

Perlmutter takes dead aim at statins, whose sales were estimated at $29 billion in 2012 by the nutrition site Mercola.

Mercola is among those urging caution in the use of statins.

One in four Americans over 45 are now taking them and sales will double if new guidelines of the American Heart Assn. and other groups are followed.

AHA, declaring that statins lower cholesterol in the blood and most side effects are “mild” and go away, advises statins for anyone over 21 who has more than 190 milligrams of low-density lipoprotein LDL per deciliter of blood.

Perlmutter says statins help people with heart disease by reducing inflammation rather than by lowering cholesterol.

egglandsInflammation can be reduced by other means such as not smoking, drinking in moderation, regularly exercising and having a diet low in carbohydrates and high in “healthy fat” such as extra-virgin olive oil and low sugar fruits and vegetables.

AHA in 1956 was promoting the “prudent diet” which said to replace butter, lard, eggs and beef with margarine, corn oil, chicken and cold cereal. AHA has “an unyielding claim that cholesterol caused coronary heart disease,” says Perlmutter.

Big Boost for Eggs

Eggs, which have been on the lists of numerous federal government and private groups as something to avoid, are touted as “among the most nutrition-dense foods.”

Another quote is that “Eggs are quite possibly the world’s most perfect food.” The yolk is call the most nutritious part, containing “all of the essential amino acids we need to survive—vitamins and minerals plus anti-oxidants known to protect our eyes.”

This is good news to two PR firms with egg accounts-Edelman and Coyne.

Edelman represents the American Egg Board and American Egg Farmers and has won awards for its work, which includes “Good Egg Project 2.0.”

goodeggCoyne PR represents Eggland’s Best, which it says is the No. 1 branded egg in the U.S. Its work in 2012 resulted in 558 million impressions in national and local media.

PBS stations carrying the special:

Arizona Tucson December 6, 4:30AM KUAS-DT, KUAT-DT
Arkansas Little Rock December 5, 8:00PM AETN-2, KEMV-DT2, KETG-DT2, KETS-DT2
Arkansas Jonesboro December 5, 8:00PM KTEJ-DT2
Arkansas Fayetteville/Ft. Smith December 5, 8:00PM KAFT-DT2
Arkansas Monroe/El Dorado December 5, 8:00PM KETZ-DT2
Arkansas Monroe/El Dorado December 5, 11:00PM KETZ-DT
Arkansas Jonesboro December 5, 11:00PM KTEJ-DT
Arkansas Little Rock December 5, 11:00PM KEMV-DT, KETG-DT, KETS-DT

Fayetteville/Ft. Smith December 5, 11:00PM KAFT-DT
California Fresno December 6, 6:30AM KVPT-DT
California Sacramento December 9, 5:30AM KVIE-DT
California Fresno December 11, 6:30AM KVPT-DT
Colorado Denver December 5, 9:30AM KBDI-DT
Colorado Colorado Springs/Pueblo December 5, 9:30AM K32EO
District of Columbia Washington December 8, 5:30PM WFPT-DT, WWPB-DT
Florida Tampa December 5, 9:00AM WUSF-DT4
Florida Tampa December 5, 10:00PM WUSF-DT4
Florida Tampa December 6, 5:30AM WUSF-DT4
Florida Tampa December 6, 9:30PM WUSF-DT
Florida Tampa December 7, 1:00PM WEDU-DT
Florida Miami December 9, 3:30AM WLRN-DT
Florida Tampa December 10, 2:00AM WEDU-DT
Florida Jacksonville December 11, 12:00AM WJCT-DT
Florida Tampa December 12, 4:30PM WUSF-DT4
Georgia Atlanta (Statewide) December 10, 7:00PM Georgia PB
Indiana Ft. Wayne December 6, 9:00PM WFWA-DT4
Indiana South Bend December 7, 11:30AM WNIT-DT, WNIT-DT2
Indiana South Bend December 9, 1:00AM WNIT-DT
Louisiana Lake Charles December 7, 12:00PM KLTL-DT
Louisiana Lafayette December 7, 12:00PM KLPB-DT
Louisiana Alexandria December 7, 12:00PM KLPA-DT
Louisiana Shreveport December 7, 12:00PM KLTS-DT
Louisiana Monroe/El Dorado December 7, 12:00PM KLTM-DT
Louisiana Baton Rouge December 7, 12:00PM WLPB-DT
Maine Portland December 8, 3:00PM W18BO
Maryland Salisbury December 8, 5:30PM WCPB-DT
Maryland Baltimore/Annapolis December 8, 5:30PM WMPT-DT
Maryland Oakland December 8, 5:30PM WGPT-DT
Massachusetts Boston December 8, 3:00PM WENH-DT, WEKW-DT, WGBH
Michigan Grand Rapids December 6, 1:00AM WGVK-DT, WGVU-DT
Minnesota Rochester December 5, 1:30PM KSMQ-DT
Minnesota Duluth December 7, 1:30PM WDSE-DT, WRPT-DT
Minnesota Rochester December 8, 2:00PM KSMQ-DT
Minnesota Duluth December 8, 3:00PM WDSE-DT, WRPT-DT
Minnesota Rochester December 9, 1:00PM KSMQ-DT
Missouri Kansas City December 7, 1:30AM KCPT-DT
Missouri Kansas City December 7, 10:30AM KCPT-DT
Montana Billings December 5, 2:30PM KBGS-DT
Montana Bozeman December 5, 2:30PM KUSM-DT
Montana Great Falls December 5, 2:30PM KUGF-Dt
Montana Missoula December 5, 2:30PM KUFM-DT
Nebraska North Platte December 7, 1:30PM KPNE-DT, KPNE-DT5
Nebraska Rapid City December 7, 1:30PM KRNE, KRNE-DT
Nebraska Lincoln December 7, 1:30PM KHNE-DT, KLNE-DT, KMNE-DT, NET1, KUON-X, KUON-DT, NETE, NET-HD
Nebraska Alliance December 7, 12:30PM KTNE-DT, KTNE-DT5
Nebraska Omaha December 8, 1:30PM KXNE-DT, KXNE-DT5, KYNE-DT
Nebraska Alliance December 8, 11:30AM KTNE-DT, KTNE-DT5
Nebraska Lincoln December 8, 12:30PM KHNE-DT, KLNE-DT, KMNE-DT, NET1, KUON-X, KUON-DT, NETE, NET-HD
Nebraska Omaha December 8, 12:30PM KXNE-DT, KXNE-DT5, KYNE-DT
Nebraska North Platte December 8, 12:30PM KPNE-DT, KPNE-DT5
Nebraska Rapid City December 8, 12:30PM KRNE, KRNE-DT
New Hampshire Hanover/Littleton December 8, 3:00PM WLED-DT, W50DP-DT, W50DP-DT2
New Hampshire Pittsburg December 8, 3:00PM W18BO
New Hampshire DurhamKeene December 8, 3:00PM WENH-DT, WEKW-DT
New Mexico Albuquerque December 6, 11:30PM KNME-DT
New Mexico Las Cruces December 8, 11:30AM KRWG-DT
New York Plattsburgh December 7, 1:00PM KCFE-DT
New York Buffalo December 14, 10:30AM WNED
North Carolina Raleigh-Durham December 6, 3:30AM UNCMX
Ohio Cleveland December 7, 3:00PM WEAO-DT
Ohio Akron December 7, 3:00PM WEAO-DT
Oklahoma Tulsa December 5, 8:00PM KRSC-DT
Pennsylvania Philadelphia December 8, 4:00PM WYBE-DT
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh December 8, 5:30PM WGPT-DT
Pennyslvania Philadelphia December 9, 8:00PM WHYY
Texas Houston December 5, 1:00PM KUHT-DT2
Texas El Paso December 8, 11:30AM KRWG-DT
Vermont Burlington December 7, 1:00PM KCFE-DT
Vermont Burlington December 8, 3:00PM WLED-DT, W50DP-DT, W50DP-DT2
Washington Yakima December 7, 2:00PM KYVE-DT
Washington Seattle December 7, 2:00PM KCTS-DT
Wyoming Cheyenne December 7, 12:30PM KTNE-DT, KTNE-DT5
Wyoming Cheyenne December 8, 11:30AM KTNE-DT, KTNE-DT5