Want to succeed in 2021? “Figure out how to stay inspired.” That’s the top piece of advice that Hotwire CEO, North America, Heather Kernahan shares with Doug Simon in the latest “PR’s Top Pros Talk” video interview.

“We need to be resilient, and first and foremost we need to look after ourselves,” says Kernahan. “If we can find a way to stay inspired, I believe we can bring the best counsel and strategy to our clients.”

One of the best ways to keep a team inspired, she tells Simon, is “team PTO,” where everyone at a company takes the same day off. “What that did was alleviate the stress for the team of taking a day off, but trying to still get caught up or transition things before they went out on their break.”

As leader of a technology-focused agency, Kernahan offers some tips on how agencies should both work with tech clients and incorporate technology into their own work flow. “It’s more important than ever that companies do think about what their technology platform is to deliver what their clients and their customers need.”

She also stresses the pivotal role that data plays in an increasingly digital world. “Communications professionals should not be scared about getting deep into the data and really owning those insights.”

Kernahan also serves as board chair of the PR Council, and she tells Simon that diversity, equity and inclusion programs are a priority for many member firms. She adds that the council is helping members “put together programs that they can use to change the face of their business.”

With all the changes that PR pros and clients have to handle, she also says that “breaking down the silos” is going to be more important than ever this year. “We’re moving now into a world where really integrated communications and marketing is the way to think about your business.”

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