Shalom Corps

Bluelight Strategies is supplying strategic communications services to Israel-based Shalom Corps, which aims to provide COVID-19 vaccines to Holocaust survivors throughout the world.

The DC firm’s agreement calls for raising the awareness of the Shalom Corps among “liberal and institutionally-disconnected North American Jews under the age of 40.”

It will connect Shalom Corps with professional fundraisers “who will appeal to appropriate Jewish family foundations and to conduct high-dollar fundraising, as well as lower-dollar fundraising through electronic appeals and direct mail” with the goal of generating $10M in donations.

Shalom Corps is a project of the Ministry of the Diaspora of the Government of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and Mosaic United.

Its mission is to recruit volunteers for social responsibility work to help them connect with their Jewish identity.

Bluelight’s one-month contract kicked off Jan. 12. It will receive a fee of $15K and an additional $15K outlay for development, fundraising and liaison to foundations.

The agreement may be extended upon the mutual consent of both parties.