Colorado Energy

Colorado’s Energy Office has invited PR, strategic communications, advertising, social media and digital firms to pitch proposals designed to boost the sale of electric vehicles as part of its drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Rocky Mountain State has determined that a multi-year marketing program is the key in achieving its goal of having 940K EVs on the road by 2030.

The campaign messaging will focus on “five pillars: EVs are affordable especially in terms of the cost to own; EVs are fun to drive; EVs are easy and convenient; EVs are for you; and EVs are good for the environment.

It will address misconceptions including upfront cost, availability of state/local tax credits, and ability to charge at home.

CEO plans to award a one-year contract with additional one-year renewals for up to five years.

Proposals are due Feb. 22. They go to CEO procurement agent Sara Graf at [email protected].

A copy of the proposal in PDF format also must be sent to the Rocky Mountain Bidnet system at

Download RFP (PDF).