O'Dwyer's Rankings of PR Firms Seal

PR firms looking to reach out to prospects who visit O’Dwyer’s website every day to research outside PR counsel should consider joining this year’s rankings.

The third-party recognition gained from appearing in the overall and multiple specialty and city/regional charts is the bedrock principle of PR. O’Dwyer’s has been conducting this benchmark study annually since 1970 and our name is well-known in the business world.

This is the perfect opportunity to promote your expertise in areas such as healthcare, technology, finance, Greentech, professional services and purpose/CSR, to name a few of the 19 specialties we track. Only O’Dwyer’s does such rankings, which are usually at or near the top in Google searches for those specialties.

PR firms have distinctive financials—at least half of income is used for staff pay. Therefore, O’Dwyer’s requires the top page of the latest corporate income tax return and W-3 to verify legitimate PR firms rather than ad agencies or other types of businesses. The ranking measures counseling and media contact services, not advertising or production expenses.

“There’s no denying the difficulty faced by the PR industry in 2020, especially those with food/beverage and travel/tourism clients, but the rankings are still a highly effective way to get in front of prospects even if you’re showing a down year,” publisher John O’Dwyer said.

Participating firms are instructed to consider PPP funds as a loan until they are forgiven and not factor the amount into retainer income.

Please contact John O’Dwyer at [email protected] if you have questions about the ranking requirements.

Download Rankings Instructions (PDF)