Over the course of 50 episodes, “PR’s Top Pros Talk,” the video interview series moderated by DS Simon Media CEO Doug Simon, has presented viewers with a wealth of information, opinions and advice on how to handle the ups and down of today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

“It’s been impressive how willing agency leaders and CCOs at major organizations have been to share their thought processes and best practices with the entire PR community,” Simon says.

Doug Simon
Doug Simon

COVID, social justice and the vaccine rollout are just a few of the topics that have been addressed in the series by a who’s who of the best communicators in the PR business.

From the leaders of top-flight agencies to communications pros at a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations, Simon’s guests on the series offer insights directly pulled from their first-hand experiences of getting messages across to audiences in a timely and effective manner.

In addition to talking about how to connect with audiences, many of those interviewed discuss the importance of making sure PR teams are communicating with each other. The need for transparency, accountability and authenticity is often mentioned, as is the necessity of making sure that organizations have clear, well-defined missions.

The response to the series has been positive. “Bringing the best of what the top PR pros in the world have to offer to the thousands of professionals who’ve had a chance to view the content has been extremely gratifying to me,” Simon says.

And the conversation started by “PR’s Top Pros Talk” looks as if it will keep on growing. According to Simon, “many top PR pros are reaching out to me personally to be part of the series.”

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