New York Women in Communications is launching #WOMENHEARD, a research-driven platform and initiative to address the high number of women who have exited from the workforce over the last year. NYWICI cites a recent National Women’s Law Center report which found that 80 percent of all workers over the age of 20 who left the workforce in January 2021 were women.

The #WOMENHEARD platform will be informed by a national research study in which NYWICI will examine both the communications industry and the experiences of women across the country to identify how COVID-19 is affecting women (particularly women of color), and how the challenges women face can be addressed.

Additional #WOMENHEARD programming initiatives include a podcast that will debut this Spring; the annual NYWICI Student Bootcamp, which serves as a springboard to support female students pursuing careers in communications; digital events and mentorship initiatives to support mid-level female executives, working mothers and women who are pivoting their careers; and the 51st Annual Matrix Awards, which will take place in Fall 2021 to celebrate the leaders, visionaries and innovators of the communications industry.

“Once we understand the ‘why’ and what it means for our industry, together, we can provide actionable tools, resources and open dialogue to help companies bring women back to a much better environment where they can experience growth throughout their careers,” said Ashley Miles, NYWICI president and CEO of Franklyn West.

For more information about #WOMENHEARD, visit https://www.nywici.org/women-heard/