Weber Shandwick launches Plan Vx, an initiative to help business leaders get the message out about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Plan Vx builds on vaccine-related work already underway at the agency to provide information and advice on how companies can effectively work with employees around the issue.

A central part of the initiative is Plan Vx: A Playbook for the Business Response to COVID-19, a free e-book that includes research on the state of vaccine hesitancy, vaccine messaging guidance, real-world examples, best practices for employees engagement and other resources.

The agency is also hosting “COVID-19: The Path Forward”, a three-part webinar series hosted by Weber Shandwick chairman Jack Leslie, in which experts in public health and epidemiology will examine the latest science around COVID-19 virus variants, the state of vaccine access across the world and key considerations for the private sector. There will also be a companion series of podcast episodes.

In addition, Plan Vx will offer management consulting on how to connect with employees (such as internal education and incentive campaigns), as well as providing public affairs and communications support to help clients reach stakeholders in the communities where they operate.

“The need for continued engagement is clear as vaccines are made available across the globe,” said Kate Bullinger, president of Weber Shandwick consultancy United Minds. “Employers have a critical role to play in supporting vaccination efforts by supplying employees with clear, accurate and consistent public health information and facilitating employees’ ability to receive a vaccine whenever possible.”

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