Tate Reeves
Tate Reeves

Mississippi governor Tate Reeves sure has his priorities screwed up. Fresh from his March 3 move to lift the mask-wearing mandate in the Magnolia State, where 6,864 people have died from COVID-19, Reeves signed into law a bill banning transgender women from competing in female sporting events.

Upon signing the Mississippi Fairness Act, Reeves said the law will “ensure that young girls are not forced to compete against biological males.”

Nobody has a clue about how many transgender people compete athletically. One, two?

A Gallup survey released in February found that 0.6 percent of American adults identify as transgender.

A UK researcher said of 200K women participating in college sports, fifty consider themselves transgender.

Certainly, Reeves has bigger catfish to fry than fretting about transgenders in sports.

The “non-issue” distracts attention from the Jackson water scandal. A good chunk of people living in Mississippi’s capital, a majority Black city of 160K people, have been without water since the mid-February freeze knocked water plate equipment and pipes out of commission.

Mississippi, one of the nation’s poorest states, needs about $1B to modernize the century-old water system, which has been starved of investment over the years.

“I do think it's really important that the City of Jackson start collecting their water bill payments before they start going and asking everyone else to pony up more money,” said a snarky Reeves.

A reminder for the governor: If you plan to police a girls’ basketball game in Jackson, bring a couple of water bottles.

Warner Media’s Jason Kilar, the Amazon executive who was hired last year to slash staff, has the starring role in AT&T compensation story. He hauled in a robust $52.2M in 2020 total compensation, largely due to stock awards of $49.3M.

That topped the $29.2M comp earned by executive chairman Randall Stephenson, $21M for CEO John Stankey, $18.6M for general counsel Dave McAtee and $16.1M for CFO John Stephens.

Kilar signed a contract with a base salary of $2.5M and annual cash target bonus award of $2.5M.

What is he going to do for an encore?