Michael Kempner
Michael Kempner

MWWPR has rebranded as MikeWorldWide, paying tribute to its founder Michael Kempner who built the shop into a global brand with 2020 fees of $38.9M.

Kempner said he built the agency on passion and agility, challenging industry conventions and always prioritizing cultural needs and client service.

“This past year of rolling crisis culture marked by disinformation, social injustice, and inequality has shown us the seismic shifts in what people care about, how they receive and process key messages, and the role communications must play in creating meaningful change,” he said.

The rise of the “values-based consumer, is clear evidence that caring is more than an emotion; it is the most valuable currency a company or a brand can use to reach its business goals,” according to Kempner.

The shop recognizes that inclusion, flexibility, and well-being are fundamental to delivering good client service. “We’ve explicitly centered our positioning around the concept of caring as an indicator that this is a top priority as we continue to grow," said Kempner.