Reevemark is handling the proxy fight launched by mutual fund manager Friess Associates against Affiliated Managers Group, which has invested $716B in assets.

The contest follows AMG’s decision to fire Friess, which has managed the Brandywine Funds on AMG’s platform since 2013.

Friess filed preliminary proxy materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 22, laying “the groundwork for a fight in the normally staid mutual fund industry,” according to Reuters.

The fight pits publicly traded AMG, which has a market valuation of $6.5B, against Friess, a 50-year old investment firm that specializes in fast-growing US stocks.

The Brandywine funds have generated an 11 percent annualized return since inception 35 years ago.

Reevemark has Hugh Burns, Paul Caminiti, Nicholas Leasure and Jusin New repping Friess.