Bashar Assad
Bashar Assad

The Syrian Kurdish Defense Force has hired Jim Dornan Strategies to set up meetings with Members of US Congress to press them for continued US support in the battle against ISIS and their struggle against Syrian president Bashar Assad.

President Trump had declared victory over ISIS, setting the stage for a potential pull-out of American troops from Syria.

There are 900 US troops in Syria, supporting the SKDF and keeping the country’s oil from Assad. The Biden administration is reviewing US policy in Syria.

Dornan Strategies is providing government relations, political strategy, outreach to non-governmental organizations and media relations services to the SKDF, which is considered a terrorist organization by US ally, Turkey.

It has received $7K for its effort.

Jim Dornan was chief of staff to Republican Congressman & now North Carolina Senator Richard Burr.

In his work on behalf of the SKDF, Dornan reports to Nowruz Ahmed, who is general commander of Women’s Protection unit, an all-female Syrian Kurdish militia.