New Mountain

Abernathy MacGregor handles investment firm New Mountain Capital’s $1.1B cash deal to acquire Aegion Corp, the St. Louis-based company that protects and upgrades critical drinking water, wastewater and energy assets.

Effective May 18, Aegion became a private company that will no longer trade on the Nasdaq.

CEO Rob Tullman said the NMC deal is the first step in advancing Aegion’s position as a protector of communities and the environment.

He looks forward to leveraging Aegion’s “differentiated portfolio of technologies and delivering transformational solutions to maintain, rehabilitate and protect critical infrastructure around the world.”

The company posted $181M in Q1 revenues and net income of $1.4M.

Abernathy MacGregor's Dana Gorman handles NMC, which has more than $30B in assets under management and is based in New York.

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