Sard Verbinnen & Co. and ICR Westwicke, handle Babylon as the London-based digital health company goes public in a SPAC deal valued at $4.2B.

Its stock will trade on the NASDAQ.

The Financial Times noted that Babylon is the latest UK company to spurn a listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Babylon, which is expected to generate $300M revenues this year, provides digital self-care tools to more than 24M people in Europe, US, Canada, Africa and 13 countries in Asia.

CEO Ali Parsa said he founded the company in 2013 to “make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for every person on earth by combining the latest in technology and the best in medical expertise.”

Becoming a public company, he said, “is just another step in our journey.”

Palantir, the US data company that does extensive work in the national defense and security sector, is a strategic investor in Babylon.

Britain’s National Health Services hired Palantir last year to develop a COVID-19 “data store” to manage the distribution of PPE to healthcare facilities.

Sard Verbinnen’s Danya Al-Qattan handles media, while ICR Westwicke’s Bob East deals with investors inquiring about Babylon’s SPAC deal.